expardon me/??? i dunno if i like this song lmao it sounds terrifying


caption: missed that image 3 also says "soft moan through instrument if possible" above the capitalized annotation. dont want anyone to miss that.

@literallyfenic @FirstProgenitor

hahaha yeah these arent for like a horror movie or anything these are like high school concert pieces and whatnot

@Bruzer @FirstProgenitor we can't forget this masterpiece, which gets better the more you look at it

@beezypi @Bruzer @FirstProgenitor
Zoomed in on my phone and the first thing I see is "duck"

And then just below that I see "slowly become agitated" and I gotta say, that's the mood here. XD

I can only assume that's what enbies do, if they want to. Or anyone else really.

@V @FirstProgenitor hmmm. "Enbies" really rubs me the wrong way coming from a binary person. It's like being called "gays" by a het

@Bruzer @V enbys is just the plural form of enby, like boys and girls

@FirstProgenitor @V I understand what it's supposed to be, but not everybody is comfortable with it. As I said, to some, it has an infantilising vibe. Something you should probably avoid when you're talking to a non-binary person you don't know

@FirstProgenitor @V I hope I'm not coming off as mean-spirited or argumentative. I'm just trying to help you out.

It's true that some people prefer to keep that term to themselves and ask others to simply say "non binary people", so I should have gone with that to be safe, you're right. Sorry about that.

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