i spent an hour making this for a good cause, please boost this shit

all captioning is important but ESPECIALLY caption your images about important shit like strikes and organizing. dont leave disabled folx out of important info.

@FirstProgenitor I still forget sometimes, but it is really not very hard to at least give a summary of what is happening in a photo or block of text

@SanfordianPhil yea exactly. its okay to forget, but its a good habit to make. but yea i feel like extra care should be given to PSA posts and the like

@SanfordianPhil @FirstProgenitor if you follow @PleaseCaption it'll follow you back and send you a DM when you forget to caption media.

@tiljar ok yikes im sorry. maybe its an issue with gifs?

@FirstProgenitor perhaps! im ok with gifs m'self its just the synesthisia with text that gets me sometimes

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